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Conference “New frontiers in Bio-archaeology” : a joint event by University of Haifa and CCFHK on 14 April

From Extinction to Market: New frontiers in Bio-archaeology

About the speaker:

-Prof. Guy Bar-Oz is a Bio-Archaeologist (link); Director of the Negev Byzantine Archaeology Research Program, an ERC project, Department of Archeology, University of Haifa, Israel (link).

  • The research of Prof. Bar-Oz focuses on the cultural and biological heritage of the ancient Lands of Israel. His research team is a hub for a collaborative scientific network with strong foundation in anthropological and biological
    research. His main research efforts deal with developing and applying novel methods for reconstructing in high resolution the culture and environmental landscape of extinct/past societies

About the topic:
The inspiration for this talk came to us while digging up ancient food remains in our archaeological excavations in the Negev Desert of Israel. For archaeologists like us dry and desiccated plant seeds and animal bones are the stuff of life, and conceal ancient knowledge that had been lost for generations. Each piece is a databank, an archive of valuable inheritance traits of ancient livestock and crops that were selected and bred for centuries. Many of them were forgotten and lost to humanity due to prolonged periods of deep social and economic decline. It is our responsibility as archaeologists to search for these heirloom varieties, to study them with state-of-the-art scientific tools, and to bring them back to life.
The novelty of this approach is the concept that we call it “from extinction-to-market”: to restore extinct cultivar and bring them back to the market.


ZOOM link: Conference University Haifa – From Extinction to Market: New frontiers in Bio-archaeology
Heure : 14 avr. 2021 08:00 PM RAS de Hong Kong

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