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Homélie du 18 avril 2019 – Jeudi Saint (anglais)

Homily Holy Thursday 2019

During the Holy week we are following Jesus into the last days of his life. From Palm Sunday exaltation to the death and resurrection, we are the privileged witnesses of his divine love expressed throughout his trial and sentence to death.

He endured the pain and attested the love  in his own body. In it he saved us and all humanity. Love finally was stronger than Death.

We celebrate such a victory during every Holy mass. In the Eucharist, Jesus is present within his glorified body.

The body of Christ we receive in the Holy Communion is directly related to this earthly body of Jesus of Nazareth.  It is the body of all promises of God to nourish his people with his living love

Despite such a great meaning of God’s presence in our human life, we have many difficulties to receive him properly.

In our hearts so little place is really given to him, because no longer after receiving him we consider his presence as acting in us. We pay so little attention to his capabilities to change us. We know, that without us he can do nothing, as without him we can’t do anything.

The last revelations about the sexual abuses and other  kinds of abuses of power into the Church make us aware about such difficulties.

Without God we can do nothing really good: it is true for the Church’s life, it is true for our personal lives.

How the truth about it can make us free. Only by love the one which is seeking justice and mercy together.

The fire of the cathedral Notre-Dame of Paris is deeply significant on this field of the meaning of what is the renewal of Christian faith. We need to go through without fear, but with trust in God.

The body of Christ we receive so often has to be accepted and accessed with the highest level of the Christian conscience. May this mass of the Holy Thursday enables us to get stronger in the desire to increase our faith in this earthly life and the one to come. Amen

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